“Adopt” A Student

Adopt A Student

For those of you wishing to positively impact a college student’s life, but are unable to mentor in-person once-a-month, I am excited to announce the launch of our new Adopt A Student initiative!

When you “adopt” a student you will receive a Prayer Card for a specific Overflow student (including their name, year, major, and a specific prayer request for the semester). Prayer is incredibly important in what we do, and we ask that you hang the prayer card somewhere you will see it on a regular basis so that you can continuously be praying for that student. You are also welcome—but not required—to send your adopted student(s) notes of encouragement throughout the semester!

You can read more about the Adopt a Student program by downloading the brochure below:


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What former students have to say about Overflow Ministries:

“Overflow proved to be one of the most impactful ministries I was a part of during my time at Tiffin University. The Lord used this ministry to connect me to mentors who were and are significant proponents to spiritual growth in my life. I have learned that community is an essential part of following Jesus and Overflow provided me with that community and so much more!” –Madison Jackson, Tiffin University, Class of 2020

“I think Overflow has always been there for students who come to the city of Tiffin. I know they were there for me when I wasn’t a Christian yet and accepted me and loved me. Since accepting Christ they have been the center of my growth toward the Lord. Overflow is such a blessing for students who want to find fellowship in college and for people seeking as well. Can’t wait to see the great things the Lord does through this ministry this semester!”
-Giorgio Ferrario (International Student), Tiffin University, Class of 2020

“Overflow gave me a wonderful place to come and pursue a life with Jesus alongside other college students. Without Overflow, my college experience would not have been as fulfilling and joyful.” –Hunter Edwards, Heidelberg University, Class of 2020
“I began attending Overflow during my sophomore year. It started out small but the community’s hearts was huge. Truthfully, if it were not for the family and community at Overflow I don’t think I would be the same person I am today in faith, hope and love. During college, I battled serious anxiety and depression after some emotionally taxing relationships and the loss of my grandfather. I remember falling into pressure one night. I went out drinking and partying with my peers who said it would “make me feel better.” I only felt worse after that. I felt lost and confused. Overflow was the community and family that continuously encouraged me and helped steer me away from the “traditional college lifestyle” that was pulling me down. I knew God had a plan for me, and Overflow was always a place that reminded me of that. They were and still (a year after graduation and now fully in the career of my dreams) are the people that keep me on firm ground with constant inspiration and most importantly with God’s word. I found my internship at Overflow. I found my Tiffin Home Church. I found God’s Grace at Overflow and for that I am not the same [as] how I came in. And I give thanks for that!” –Ruby Santiago, Tiffin University, Class of 2019